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Gold, diamonds, oil, coltan, cotton, gas, leather, coffee, tea, phosphate, iron, even forced labor at
one time... and now dress shirts! Africa is the world’s preeminent supplier.
The entrepreneurial spirit that drives one African expat with a global outlook--operating in
Buffalo, New York--is confident that his firm will be manufacturing 20,000 dress shirts a month
in its factories across Africa, distributing quality garments across a rising continent and into the
most exciting market on the planet. Mosegi Shirt is fueled by a teamed up with Chinese business
acumen and capital, and the Italian-American tradition of self -made family businesses and fine
Italian tailoring, Branded with deep knowledge and an insistence n fine quality--along with an
insatiable appetite for both risk and especially reward, Earl Mosegi’s shirt company lives at the
intersection of the American and African Dream!

“Africa,” is the vibrant palette for the limitlessness of opportunity, an historic blend,” states
Mosegi. “This is the currency of Africa today:opportunity. And everyone needs a shirt!
Back in 2012 Mosegi signed a contract with a chain of stores in Nigeria for 120,000 shirts
deliverable over a 12 month period. Cash and carry, the shirts were made and delivered, funds
deposited into the Mosegi bank account. “Our shirts are on the backs of Nigeria’s rising
entrepreneurs. “Our shirts smile from both sides of the negotiating table. A shirt never loses.”
“The simplicity of trade in a marketplace that is ripe for almost everything that is the Africa we
believe in. arl Mosegi is currently doing business with 15 African nations and expects to elevate orders

up to 10,000 pieces per month. The company's signature product: high fashion quality men’s dress
shirts in the highest of style, at unbeatable prices. Mosegi, whose empire in Buffalo was built up
from humble origin as a Ghanaian immigrant and absorbed a local Sicilian tailoring business,
reminds friends not to remain enslaved to fragile exchange rates or the artificial stock prices for
judging success. “Let’s change the metrics and use the quantity of dress shirts sold as the new
yardsticks for evaluating the growth of a business, the growth of a continent. The more dress
shirts ordered, and paid-for is an accurate indication of the growth of an economy. If you can buy
the shirts, you have customers wearing them. And when I dress shirts? To work. Can you do
business? The same deals. To create wealth. The number of quality shows reflect expansion of
work, the growth of businesses, and mounting profit. The more shirts, the more disposable cash
for more consultations, more jobs, improved lives, and greater joy. It’s all in the number of dress
shirts. Earl Mosegi has a point.

Our business. We count shirts, he likes to say.
Finish shirt on the torso will fit a man with a reason to look good. That’s what we did when we
came from west Africa to Buffalo. Today’s Buffalo is scattered across 54 nations. Buffalos are
hiding everywhere. Africans are going back to partake in the operating room evolution of a new
New World. And others no longer need to leave.

Mosegi Shirts are 100% Egyptian cotton--- that’s Africa too!---Sea island cotton, and ask for
cotton. For US $20 provide and ship a shirt superior to those that privilege business people have
been spending five times as much for. “ And we are transparent; five dollars a shirt--- that is our
margin. That is fair. Entrepreneurship and Africa will be about fair profit. More people are
learning how to get rich at five bucks at a time,” that's the Mosegi motto.
And now we have designed for each African country our own casual football shirt for every daywhere. Our shirts bring with them shared pride. And our pride is the accentuated Growth that we
are projecting for ourselves---20,000 shirts a month with an increase of 2000 every 60 days--And
for you! With regional factories in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa, Earl Mosegi wishes to end
your city to the list and your name to the growing group of honest, well the Africans.
Do you know the expression “I’d give you the shirt off my back.” Well lives by the cliche every




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